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Step 6:In this window, choose a category and then click on Create App ID button. hai, im new to code igniter, and thank you for your tutorial. Skip to content Features Business Explore Marketplace Pricing This repository Sign in or Sign up . But my project all time redirect login page how to solved this problem . Required fields are marked * Leave a Reply Muhammad Imran says: March 11, 2015 at 4:00 pm Hi, I am working on a project using CI where I need to integrate Facebook / Gmail login and your script is perfect choice. Jun 21, 2016 LICENSE Initial commit Apr 3, 2015 Update May 16, 2017 changed on page laod auth to on as default for backward compatibility May 23, 2016 Wipe out the old SDK version number 4. It works fine for me saves soo much time.Thanks to the codex team April 5, 2017 at 5:11 AM Harshit Vaid Said. Please follow the updated tutorial and download the latest version of source code. useruploadrequest(string $pathtofile [, array $params [, string $type [, string $accesstoken]]]) Upload a image or video file to a users profile. CodeIgniter : Login Facebook via Oauth 2.0 css/style.css”> CodeIgniter : Login Facebook via Oauth 2.0 „; ?> Views: profile.php Copy the below code in your view and save as profile.php. Sign up Library for integration of Facebook PHP SDK v5 with CodeIgniter 3 44 commits 1 branch 2 releases 2 contributors MIT PHP 100.0% PHP Clone or download Clone with HTTPS Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. This method will unset the Facebook token cookie set by this library only. Security CheckPlease enter the text belowCan’t read the text above?Try another text or an audio captchaEnter the text you see above.Why am I seeing this?Security CheckThis is a standard security test that we use to prevent spammers from creating fake accounts and spamming users.Submit.. This is optional. $accesstoken string Optional access token. April 4, 2017 at 6:45 PM Karan Said. Reply gnana sundar says: March 8, 2016 at 9:13 am facebook login working but it not fetch user to fetch user in facebook. Awesome work guys. The library will still take care of the loading of the SDK and load configured login helper. Form Builder Overview Features Pricing Templates MailGet Email Marketing Overview Features Pricing Email Templates MailGet Bolt Overview Features Pricing Email Templates Blog Products MailGet/MailGet Bolt FormGet Technical AJAX Angular JS Android Bootstrap CodeIgniter Email HTML/CSS JavaScript jQuery PhoneGap PHP WordPress FAQ FormGet MailGet/MailGet Bolt Sign Up For Free FormGet MailGet MailGet Bolt Sign In FormGet MailGet MailGet Bolt CodeIgniter Basics & Installation Getting Started With MVC Installation Basic Configuration Setting Remove index.php Global Variable Helper & Libraries URL Routing, Suffix & Query String URL Helper URI Segment Form Helper GET And POST Create Own Helper XSSCLEAN JavaScript Class Loading CSS and Javascript Image Library HTML Table Calendar Language Class Pagination Encryption and Decryption Captcha Helper Curl library with SSL Third Party Libraries Forms Create a Contact Form Login Form Validation Form Validation Date Field Select Option Field Databases Insert Data Update Data Delete Data Convert Query to Json & Insert Into Database Form Dropdown Select By ID and Date Range Resolve MySQL Too Many Connection Errors Session Session In CodeIgniter Remember Me jQuery Ajax jQuery Ajax Post Data Form Submission Using jQuery Sending Emails Email via Gmail Using SMTP Protocol Oauth Login Google OAuth Login Facebook OAuth Shopping Carts PayPal Checkout Shopping Cart Login With Facebook PHP CodeIgniter : OAuth Login BYNeeraj Agarwal 17 Comments Neeraj Agarwal OAuth is simply an open authentication that is used for providing access to the server data after authorizing a user via third party services. Home About Us Affiliate Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Contact Us . Thanks CODEX TEAM ! It worked smooth December 31, 2016 at 7:53 AM John Said. This method will only return a URL when using the redirect (web) login method. Here, you will have two steps, in first steps you can create a test version of another app and in second step you have to choose a category for which type of apps you are creating. But I am facing a problem when I log out. Redirect URL page will forward to a page showing user data in the client browser. Follow these simple steps to create a facebook app for localhost May 19, 2017 at 6:01 PM Abdulahad Said. It is one of the most time consuming things you may deal with. User can make simple registration as a normal process, once heget register as a user an email notification for confirmation will be send to his email id. CREATE TABLE users ( id int(11) NOT NULL AUTOINCREMENT, oauthprovider varchar(255) COLLATE utf8unicodeci NOT NULL, oauthuid varchar(255) COLLATE utf8unicodeci NOT NULL, firstname varchar(255) COLLATE utf8unicodeci NOT NULL, lastname varchar(255) COLLATE utf8unicodeci NOT NULL, email varchar(255) COLLATE utf8unicodeci NOT NULL, gender varchar(10) COLLATE utf8unicodeci NOT NULL, locale varchar(10) COLLATE utf8unicodeci NOT NULL, pictureurl varchar(255) COLLATE utf8unicodeci NOT NULL, profileurl varchar(255) COLLATE utf8unicodeci NOT NULL, created datetime NOT NULL, modified datetime NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8unicodeci; Config autoload.php The database and session libraries are needed, it will better to specify these libraries in the autoload.php file. Your to good. but i have a problem when extract the source to my codeigniter folder in localhost. Weve used the latest version of SDK, so, Facebook PHP SDK v5 library is required. Below is our complete code with short explanation : Controllers : oauthlogin.php Copy the below code in your controller.When you load Facebook library in your controllersconstructor writes your Facebook App Id and Facebook Secret Key. Toggle navigation Tutorials PHP WordPress Drupal CodeIgniter CakePHP How ToDemosScriptsDealsServicesWeb Tools . me used this all code. Copyright 2018 CodexWorld. You can’t perform that action at this time. Are you want to get implementation help, or modify or extend the functionality of this script? Submit paid service request Download Source Code Previous How to Create Facebook App, App ID, and App Secret Next Add Event to Calendar using jQuery, Ajax and PHP Recommended Tutorials For You 30 Comments Azad Said. load->library(‚facebook’); //Loadusermodel$this->load->model(‚user’);} publicfunctionindex(){$userData=array(); //Checkifuserisloggedinif($this->facebook->isauthenticated()){//Getuserfacebookprofiledetails$userProfile=$this->facebook->request(‚get’,'/me?fields=id,firstname,lastname,email,gender,locale,picture’); //Preparingdatafordatabaseinsertion$userData['oauthprovider']=’facebook’;$userData['oauthuid']=$userProfile['id'];$userData['firstname']=$userProfile['firstname'];$userData['lastname']=$userProfile['lastname'];$userData['email']=$userProfile['email'];$userData['gender']=$userProfile['gender'];$userData['locale']=$userProfile['locale'];$userData['profileurl']=’ //Insertorupdateuserdata$userID=$this->user->checkUser($userData); //Checkuserdatainsertorupdatestatusif(!empty($userID)){$data['userData']=$userData;$this->session->setuserdata(‚userData’,$userData);}else{$data['userData']=array();} //GetlogoutURL$data['logoutUrl']=$this->facebook->logouturl();}else{$fbuser=”; //GetloginURL$data['authUrl']=$this->facebook->loginurl();} //Loadlogin&profileview$this->load->view(‚userauthentication/index’,$data);} publicfunctionlogout(){//RemovelocalFacebooksession$this->facebook->destroysession(); //Removeuserdatafromsession$this->session->unsetuserdata(‚userData’); //Redirecttologinpageredirect(‚/userauthentication’);}} Libraries Facebook.php The Facebook class helps to integrate Facebook PHP SDK v5 in CodeIgniter 3.x application 5a02188284

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